Listings: A Real Estate Listing Service for Senior Housing

A Free Service for Brokers to Connect with Prospective Buyers

Listings, located within the NIC MAP Vision client platform, is the senior housing industry’s first online and completely free real estate listing service. Brokers can now list senior housing properties on the NIC MAP Vision platform, allowing buyers to view and shop for properties in a single location.

Defined by Senior Housing Stakeholders and NIC 

The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care (NIC) defined Active Adult as:

Age-eligible, market rate, multi-family rental properties that are lifestyle focused; general operations do not provide meals.

Data Included?

  • Sales Transactions
  • Hospital Locations
  • Existing Stock
  • Construction Pipeline
  • Occupancy & Rate Comps
  • Demographics
  • Property Characteristics
  • and more!

How Often is the Data Updated?

Broken down by property type, care segments, and unit type, NIC MAP Vision is updated quarterly, monthly, and weekly varying by data set.

No Added Cost

  • The service is completely free for everyone involved, adding no transactions costs to the equation.

Benefits to Brokers

  • Brokers may list land parcels, buildings, or entire portfolios.
  • Brokerages are spotlighted alongside each listing to better market their organization: This includes key brokerage information, contact details, images, recent transactions, and more.
  • Brokers can customize what information to make public for each listing.
  • NIC MAP Vision facilitates confidentiality agreements, ensuring NDAs are signed before sensitive details are shared with prospective buyers.

Benefits to Buyers

  • With all listings in one place, finding high-quality listings becomes fast and frustration-free.
  • View listings, manage correspondence, view brokerage details all within the Listings feature.
  • Since Listings is in the NIC MAP Vision platform, buyers can easily run market analyses, research demographic data, and view competitors to inform their buying decisions. 

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Use a Trusted Service

Feel confident knowing you use data from senior housing’s first model of unbiased, dependable data, trusted by the industry for more than 15 years.

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Gain Actionable Data 

Make informed decisions by having the market intelligence you need.

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Save Time 

Run complex analyses in minutes, including the ability to analyze thousands of markets at scale. 

Talk to a Product Expert

If you’re a broker interested in enrolling in the new Listings service, fill out the form to schedule an appointment with a product expert that can assist you.
If you’re a buyer or are generally interested in learning more about the Listings tool, schedule time here to speak with a product expert.

Active Adult is the latest property type to be formally defined by the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care (NIC), a move with the goal of improving transparency for the industry. The promotion and defining of Active Adult, an effort backed by industry experts alongside NIC, now draws the attention of operators, investors, developers, and other industry stakeholders interested in expanding into the property type.

Active Adult data is currently available through our “Explorer” tool and enables industry stakeholders to gain the market knowledge necessary to make informed investment decisions. Combined with gold-standard supply data for other property types such as assisted living, independent living, and nursing care, users can quickly and effortlessly view the full picture of how Active Adult integrates into the broader senior housing market. 


How often is Active Adult data updated?  

Active Adult data is updated quarterly. 

How can clients access Active Adult data in the NIC MAP Vision platform? 

You can find the current Active Adult property-level data in the Explorer tool by navigating to the Supply Tab within the Site Detail Report.