Intra-Quarterly Data

Every month, we release intra-quarterly data for all NIC MAP Vision Markets. This data includes: 

  • Stabilized occupancy, all occupancy, and inventory information
  • Three-month rolling data reported monthly
  • More than five years of time-series data

This data helps senior housing stakeholders understand which markets are promising for investment and development, how markets are performing, and how the industry is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.  
The data can be segmented by property type (assisted living, independent living, nursing care, and memory care) and geography, so you get a granular view of what’s happening in the markets most important to you.  

The graphic below features a snapshot of the top 5 occupancy increases in NIC MAP Vision's Primary and Secondary Markets.

email-IQdata-April2024_Intra Quarterly Chart Data.png

The Intra-Quarterly Data for April 2024 was just released in the NIC MAP Vision platform. Highlights from the Primary and Secondary Markets include:

  • Seniors Housing increased by 30 basis points
  • Majority IL increased by 20 basis points
  • Majority AL increased by 30 basis points
  • Majority NC increased by 10 basis points

How do I gain access the intra-quarterly data?  
To learn more about how to access intra-quarterly occupancy and rates data, as well as what specific subscriptions would benefit your data analysis workflow, fill out the form to speak to one of our product experts.   

Fill out the form to speak to one of our product experts.