NIC MAP Vision: Household Dynamics Data

With data sourced from Experian, NIC MAP Vision now provides new population data — Household Dynamics — tailored to the senior housing industry. Stakeholders can now analyze migration patterns, living alone rates, cohabitation rates, and more for hundreds of millions of households and individuals across the U.S.
These new metrics provide increased granularity into the demographics and psychographic data at the person level of a household.  

This new and powerful data set is accessible to users with an active  Resident Insight subscription.   

You can find the new data in “Site Detail Report” and “Explorer” in the NIC MAP Vision portal (currently Vision portal).

Interactive graphic display of migration patterns

An updated graphic display shows – in easy-to-digest detail – the in- and out-migration patterns of people from market to market.

Data Included?

  • Sales Transactions
  • Hospital Locations
  • Existing Stock
  • Construction Pipeline
  • Occupancy & Rate Comps
  • Demographics
  • Property Characteristics
  • and more!

How Often is the Data Updated?

Broken down by property type, care segments, and unit type, NIC MAP Vision is updated quarterly, monthly, and weekly varying by data set.

What's New? 

  • Identify markets where large percentages of adult children have an elderly parent cohabitating with them
  • Gain information on household occupancy mix by age and income, including living alone percentages and cohabitation rates
  • Analyze migration patterns for millions of households by age and income over the past 12 months
  • Uncover which markets are benefiting from in-migration and which are suffering from out-migration

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Use a Trusted Service

Feel confident knowing you use data from senior housing’s first model of unbiased, dependable data, trusted by the industry for more than 15 years.

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Gain Actionable Data 

Make informed decisions by having the market intelligence you need.

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Save Time 

Run complex analyses in minutes, including the ability to analyze thousands of markets at scale. 

Interested in Learning More?

If you’re interested in learning more about this new data set, the capabilities of Resident Insight, or how to start using Household Dynamics data, schedule a meeting with a NIC MAP Vision product expert at a time that works for you. 
*Existing and new clients with access to Market Insight are eligible for complimentary access to the newly updated Resident Insight tool from June 1 through August 31, 2022 as part of our ongoing beta.

Interactive graphic display of migration patterns

An updated graphic display shows – in easy-to-digest detail – the in- and out-migration patterns of people from market to market.

Beyond allowing access to Household Dynamics data, how else can I use Resident Insight? 

In addition to unlocking the new Household Dynamics data for users, Resident Insight provides wealth, income, and lifestyle preferences of senior housing residents.

As a quick overview, with Resident Insight you can:  
  • Create rich lifestyle profiles of current residents and next-of-kin using Experian’s Mosaics
  • Gain a deeper understanding of resident lifestyle preferences, spending habits, education history, and more
  • Follow the wealth trends of residents and next-of-kin to evaluate building health and competitive positioning
  • Attain insight into resident income, net worth, financial assets, and other wealth metrics.

Detailed Experian Mosaics give users the information necessary to better evaluate new areas of investment, tailor experiences aligned with resident preferences, and create more impactful messaging to prospective residents.