The most trusted data for seniors housing and care.

NIC MAP Vision is the premier provider of unbiased market data for the seniors housing and care sector. With over 15 years of comprehensive, time-series market data, NIC MAP Vision informs seniors housing investment decisions across 140 U.S. metropolitan markets. Learn more about how our subscription service offerings can help support your business and save you time in an increasingly competitive market.


Seniors Housing & Care Data. It's all we do.

Focused exclusively on seniors housing and care, the sector’s original data and analytics platform, NIC MAP Vision provides you with the needed market intelligence to make informed decisions.

Data Included?

NIC MAP Vision informs seniors housing business decisions with the following critical data sets:

  • Construction Pipeline
  • Demographics
  • Disability Rates
  • Employment & Wage Benchmarks
  • Market Fundamentals including Occupancy, Asking Rates, & Inventory levels
  • Medicare Beneficiaries
  • Population Growth Rates
  • Psychographic & Demographic
  • Profiles Quality Metrics
  • Sales Transaction Activity
  • & More

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