Burning Glass Technologies: Real-Time Labor Market Data for Senior Housing 

Gain Fast, Actionable jobs data through the NIC MAP Vision Market Insight tool

Burning Glass Technologies is a leading provider of real-time jobs data for most major industries in the U.S. and abroad. Now partnered with NIC MAP Vision, subscribers to the NIC MAP Vision Market Insight tool obtain regularly updated information about specific job categories as part of their broader market research.



What makes this data set different from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data?

Burning Glass Technologies data provides a real-time view of the senior housing labor market. After analysis of more than 40,000 sources, the company’s software gathers details about specific job categories, as well as how those categories differ from market to market. Since Burning Glass updates this data daily, this gives users a near-instant snapshot of the market. Only freshly posted jobs, no older than a month, are included in the analysis.  

The BLS’s most frequent report is released monthly and based on active, rather than current, job postings. Additionally, the defined job categories are much broader, so there’s also a lack of specificity and granularity. Still, given the BLS’s wealth of historic data, the BLS data is useful for analyzing a macro-level view of the labor market and reviewing historical trends.

What's included in this data set?

  • Wage data (hourly/annual) by position
  • Salary percentile by position
  • Education requirements by position
  • Experience requirements by position
  • Market level demand by position

How do I access the data?

Burning Glass data is accessible to Market Insight subscribers. To learn more about Market Insight or the Burning Glass data set, submit the form to speak to a product expert.

Submit the form to speak to a product expert about the Burning Glass data set.